Shipping Containers

Lumina Homes
Why Shipping Containers?

There are plenty of reasons why this is an incredibly smart way to build a house.

  1.  Affordability – Shipping containers are cost effective.
  2.  Durability – Shipping containers are STRONG. It doesn’t matter whether you’re worried about hurricanes, tornadoes, or Armageddon. An ISBU shipping container home will keep your family safe from anything nature, or man, can throw at it.
  3.  Sustainability – Shipping containers are GREEN. Building with shipping containers means you’re giving new life to these steel boxes that would otherwise be scrapped. Shipping container homes are energy efficient, or even off-grid.
  4.  Room to Grow – You can stack shipping container homes on top of each other to create a larger living space.
  5.  Speedy – Container homes can be put together very quickly, making them a great shelter solution in emergency situations (for example, when town have been wiped out by floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes).
How are the Shipping Containers used?


FLOORS: Customer optional wood, tile, cement, linoleum, carpet.

ROOF: double roof technology fist roof from a Corten steel container second roof will be customer optional from a traditional shingles roof to metal.

INSULATION:  We offer 4 insulation types in our homes.

Clouse cell foam at the bottom of the unit 608/ inch approximately providing a complete air and vapor barrier with maximum R-value.

  1.  Open cell foam in the walls 307/inch will generate long term savings of 40% or more.
  2.  Exterior ceramic paints an average of 35% reduction of heat transfer.